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Use our CS:GO/CS2 eDPI calculator to easily find your Counter-Strike 2 effective dots per inch.

Enter your Counter-Strike 2 in-game sensitivity and your mouse's DPI. Your eDPI will automatically be calculated.

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How to Use This CS:GO/CS2 eDPI Calculator

Enter your Counter-Strike 2 sensitivity (found in your in-game settings) and your mouse DPI (found in your mouse's software) into the eDPI calculator.

The calculator automatically outputs your eDPI once you entered valid numbers into the "CS2 Sensitivity" and "Mouse DPI" fields.

What is eDPI

Your CS2 eDPI is calculated by multiplying your Counter-Strike 2 in-game sensitivity with your mouse's DPI.

It's useful for comparing your "true sensitivity"/"effective sensitivity" to other players using different mouse settings.

Here's a basic example of how eDPI is useful:

  • Your CS2 sensitivity is 2 and your DPI is 3200.
  • You want to compare your true sensitivity to your favorite CS2 pro, who also uses 2 sensitivity in-game, but an 800 mouse DPI.
  • Using our eDPI calculator, you find that your eDPI is 6,400. Your favorite pro's eDPI is 1,600.
  • This means your effective sensitivity is 4 times higher than your favorite pro (6,400 / 1,600 = 4). In other words, you only have to move your mouse 1/4 the distance as your favorite pro to move your crosshair the same distance as them.
  • Despite using the same in-game sensitivity, comparing your eDPIs shows us your true sensitivities are very different.

What's a good eDPI for CS2

The vast majority of professional Counter-Strike 2 players play with an eDPI of 500 to 1000 (or slightly higher). Very few pros use an eDPI higher than 1500 or lower than 500.

In general, we'd recommend somewhere between 500 to 1300. If you're new to FPS games, this may feel very low. We'd recommend new players stick with it for a while, as lower effective sensitivity generally allows you to be more precise with your aim.